Education and Career

High School/Gymnasium Weinheim

University Heidelberg, Faculty of Economics,
Study and Examination in National Economics (Dipl. Volkswirt)

Programming Courses: Fortran IV, PL/1

Diploma paper: ‚Duality in Linear Programming'

Institute for Documentation, Information and Statistics of DKFZ

Doctorate as Dr. rer. pol. at University Heidelberg
Thesis in Operations Research: 'Linear Fractional Programming – Efficiency Optimization'

Certificate of the Society of Medical Informatics, Epidemiology and Biometry (GMDS) and the Society of Informatics (GI) as
'Specialist in Medical Informatics'

Head of IT Dept. 'Zentrale Datenverarbeitung (ZDV)' at DKFZ

Dr. Kurt Böhm


20 journal articles, 1 book, co-editor of 3 books, 28 book contributions, 48 oral presentations


in the fields of informatics in medicine and economy


for minitries. research centers and companies in information technology, organzation, data protection and privacy


Society of Medical Informatics, Epidemiology and Biometry (GMDS)
Anwenderverband Wirtschaftsinformatik (AWI)